Dibba al-Hisn

Dibba al-Hisin is part of the Emirate of Sharjah and situates on the east coast bordering the Gulf of Oman, approximately 30 miles north of the Emirate of Fujairah and some 90 miles to the east the Emirate of Dubai. The history of pre-Islamic Arabia contains references to Dibba as the important Arab Suq of Jahiliyah, where merchants from India, Sind, China and people from both east and west met and traded. The city is also famous for being the location of the ‘Ridda War’ (War of Apostasy). The archaeological excavations that took place at Dibba al-Hisin resulted in the discovery of an important and very interesting large collective subterranean tomb. Contained within this tomb were many human skeletons associated with lavish funerary offerings including complete glazed jars and a variety of metal artefacts and weaponry. A beautiful collection of Roman glass vessels as well as fascinating jewelry including gold and precious stones were found. Of particular interest are three gems engraved with Roman portraits and deities. Other discoveries include a variety of ivory pieces. Most interesting are ivory combs beautifully decorated with interesting scenes.


The discoveries have shed new light on the trade and commercial activities between East and West during the first centuries AD when the coastal city of Dibba was playing an important role in the international trade network as a major trade center in Arabian Gulf.


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